Forward curves

Forward curves

Participants in energy and related commodity markets need to see accurate forward prices from a source without distortion or bias. Our clients act with confidence because our forward curves are built from unbiased and transparent industry-specific methodologies that produce representative market values free from distortion. No matter which region, market or specific price you need, Argus has the deep market insights and data to support precision in your risk management and cost decisions.

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Argus forward curves


Argus Data Science Studio

Financial institutions, trading houses and physical buyers and sellers around the world are using the Argus Data Science Studio to reveal the uncertainties and volatility associated with commodity prices.

Features and benefits

  • Daily curves

    All of our forward curves products are delivered every weekday.
  • Futures, swaps, grades and locations

    We provide all basis differentials relevant to each curve.
  • Regional and global pricing

    Asia, Americas or Europe — we’ve got you covered for the relevant market.
  • Unbiased — really

    Our independent agency takes this seriously and our public methodologies guide us.
  • Freedom from liquidity concerns 

    Our deep roots and methodology allow us to appropriately build curves no matter the number of deals done.
  • Your choice of delivery methods

    You can choose to get information by data feed, from our third-party partners, from Argus Direct or simple email.

Frequently downloaded forward curve methodologies

  • ARGUS Asia-Pacific Crude Oil Forward Curves

  • ARGUS European Refined Products Forward Curves

  • Browse all Argus methodologies

Argus platforms

Learn about the various delivery methods we offer to ensure that you have access to our reports, prices, market insight, fundamentals data and news in ways that empower your business decisions.
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